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Nature classes

ACQ Certified campclasses-nature When spring returns, when nature awakens or in the fall at harvest time, schoolchildren and their teachers take over The Farm. In this “school under an open sky”, everyone shows initiative and imagination while creating new projects inspired by a stimulating environment. Teachers come with their students to this magnificent setting and enjoy every part of it just as much as the children. In addition, they’re privileged to watch their students evolve in a totally different learning environment than a traditional classroom. The staff at La Ferme d’André oversee the proper function of each group. Staff members are available at all times to help and guide both students and teachers. Lodged in a magnificent century-old house, children enjoy delicious meals in our colourful and lively dining room and get a good night’s sleep in dormitories converted for comfort and convenience. The rest of the day, they take over The Farm, either in the Tarzan Barn, the animal yard, the Rabastan, the Bunnydrome, the forests and fields and beyond! After visiting 60 summer camps in Quebec a couple of years ago, the Quebec Camp Association granted La Ferme d’André with the ”Top Pick” award! In 2013, La Ferme d’André became a non-profit organization (NPO). This initiative aims to continue to allow public access to the site while being engaged in the social economy of the region.

You do not know us yet?

We would be pleased to welcome teachers who would be interested in visiting La Ferme d'André before organising a nature class or outing. La Ferme d’André is open to the public during our two “open house” days which take place in May and September. For more information on our open doors, click here. Questions? Contact us! Warning !! It is not possible to visit the farm at other times unless you have made ​​an appointment. To do this, you must contact us!


During Nature Class at La Ferme d’André, students get to discover and taste life on a farm. For example, they can: tonte-mouton
  • Feed and care for the animals
  • Ride a horse in the riding school
  • Collect eggs in the henhouse (ocasionally) to enjoy them at breakfast
  • Watch a sheep shearing session
  • Go for a hike to discover all 100 acres of the property
  • Dress up in the Theatre Barn
  • Brush or take for a stroll a dog, a lama, a cow, a goat, a donkey...
  • Run, jump, climb in the Tarzan Barn
  • Relax in the Rabastan (cedar teepee)
  • Pet rabbits in the Bunnydrome
  • Sing by the campfire while enjoying toasted marshmallows

Sessions, rates and discounts

Sessions and rates
Number of nights Rate per child
    1    $80
    2    $120
    3    $155
    4    $185

Taxes not included


No discounts  for the moment.


For information and reservations contact us! You are unable to spend the night at the farm? Then, come over for a a day at the Farm!

What's for lunch?

enfants-qui-mangent All meals are cooked on location at La Ferme d’André. Our menu is nutritious and well-balanced. A good part of the products used to prepare the meals come directly from our farm. Meat, poultry, eggs, fine herbs and vegetables are featured in our meals.

Here are a few examples of meals and snacks that we offer:


Oatmeal, various types of cereal, 2% milk, orange juice, honey, jam, peanut butter (or cream cheese in case of allergies), toast (whole wheat bread or sesame bagels), bananas, eggs (occasionally)


Cream of vegetables, stuffed bread (tuna-celery/chicken-celery), milk, water, fruit, yogurt One-pot meal Minestrone soup (vegetables, beans, meat tortellini), bread gratin with cheese, milk, water, chômeur pudding


Fresh fruits in abundance


Chili con carne, nachos, raw cut veggies, milk, water, butterscotch pudding Chicken & vegetable fajitas served with salsa, sour cream and shredded cheese, raw cut veggies, milk, water, ice cream

Evening snack

For the children: Cookies, 2% milk For the teachers: Cheese, terrine, crackers... (Served when the children are asleep.)  

Note : Food allergies, intolerances and dietary restrictions are taken into consideration.



Q How do you handle food allergies? A The safety of the children in our care is extremely important to us. We developed a method in the kitchen in order to meet the needs of everyone in regards to allergies, intolerances and dietary restrictions. We are considerate of religious restrictions and vegetarian diets. In the case of an allergic reaction, we will use the EpiPen® prescribed for your child and take him or her directly to the Ormstown Hospital located just 7 minutes away from The Farm. Q What is the maximum number of children allowed in a Nature class? A Up to 100 children are allowed, depending on the season and the age of the children.


Hello everyone! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this beautiful nature class! Magic La Ferme d'André once again played, and many children this year have already expressed their regret at leaving. I would like once again to thank you for your accommodation, your kindness and your mastery of all the details to manage, especially with the little ones. Every detail in the heat of the action, and you can feel the mom behind this. This reassures teachers, you do not know how ... I would also emphasize the friendliness and effectiveness of youth around you. A big thank you to them. Reputation is no longer to do. Hello and thank you to all the team! Sylvette

*     *     *

The team of Dr. Julien thanks you for your commitment, generosity and support to each of our children and their families. Your input is valuable to the organization. Hope to see in 2014.


Brigade Animo, summer 2015 The elegant peacocks at La Ferme André need the brigade services to complete their summer style ! Dr. Clifford help Seb and Dr. Céline with the cut of their beautiful feathers. Brigade Animo, spring 2015

The rabbits of La Ferme d'André need care. Dr. Céline teaches Andrea how to take care for the rabbits while with the help of Vincent, Seb and Dr. Dre Céline examine the teeth of adult rabbits.

Par-dessus le marché, summer 2014 The show Par-dessus le marché invites you to discover Quebec farms. At La Ferme André, children 5-14 years ride horses, sheep shearers, collect eggs and cook between swims. Future farmers? Who knows! Brigade Animo, Spring 2014 Brigade Animo will give a hand to Dr. Céline, veterinary at La Ferme d'André. Aurélia lends him a hand while she gives chiropractic treatment to Henry, the Bernese Mountain Dog. Dr. Seb and Vincent benefit from their passage to compare the llama and alpaca, two animals of the same family.