Summer camp

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Every summer, for more than 48 years, friends gather at La Ferme d'André. Girls and boys, aged 5 to 15, francophones and anglophones, arrive from all corners and take over the grounds. There are so many things to discover and to reinvent: One hundred acres of fields and forests, barns, an arts and crafts studio, a pool, a wooden teepee, more than 20 horses to ride and all sorts of animals to pet and feed. A reassuring atmosphere, great meals and regular bedtimes... the rest of the day belongs to the children and to their initiative and imagination. They forge their own relationships, find their favourite activity and create their own schedule. les-fillesThe carefully selected camp counsellors accompany them along their extraordinary adventures. They embark with the children on a journey of discovery in a fun and respectful fashion. Campers are always in good hands at La Ferme d’André thanks to our super team! Motivated, dynamic and enthusiastic, our counsellors will make you truly make child stay unforgettable! Lodged in a magnificent century-old house, the children get a good night sleep in dormitories that have been converted for their comfort. They share their meals with the counsellors in our colourful and lively dining room. The rest of day, they roam every parcel of The Farm: the Tarzan Barn, the Animal yard, the Rabastan, the Bunnydrome...  

You do not know us yet?

La Ferme d’André is open to the public during our two “open house” days which take place in May and September. For more information on our open doors, click here. Warning !! It is not possible to visit the farm at other times unless you have made ​​an appointment. To do this, you must contact us!

Working at La Ferme André

Want to work at La Ferme Andre? See page We hire.


At La Ferme d'André, children get a chance to try different types of activities depending on their likes and what they feel like doing. They can: chevre-piscine
  • Feed and care for the animals
  • Ride a horse in the riding school
  • Collect eggs in the henhouse (occasionally) to enjoy them at breakfast
  • Watch a sheep shearing session
  • Go for a hike to discover all 100 acres of the property
  • Enjoy a hayride
  • Dress up in the Theatre Barn
  • Brush or take for a stroll a dog, a llama, a cow, a goat, a donkey...
  • Run, jump and climb in the Tarzan Barn
  • Relax in the Rabastan (cedar teepee)
  • Pet rabbits in the Bunnydrome
  • Sing by the campfire while enjoying toasted marshmallows
  • Bake cookies for the evening snack
  • Participate in the meal preparation
  • Pick fresh vegetables from the garden
  • Create in the arts and crafts workshop
  • Care for the animals
  • Pick wild berries in the woods
  • Hose down and wash the horses on hot days
  • Organize or participate in a treasure hunt

Sessions, rates and discounts

Summer Sessions 2019
June 23th to June 30th
June 30th to July 7th
July 7th to July 14th
 July 14th to July 21th
July 21th to July 28th
 July 28th to August 4th
 August 4th to August 11th
  August 11thto August 18th
 August 18th to August 25th
Each session starts between 2pm and 4pm and ends the next Sunday (between 2pm and 4pm). The sessions are of height (8) days and seven (7) nights.   Register your child now !

 Summer 2019 rates*

First week  $719

Subsequent weeks  $649/week

*Taxes not included

Cancellation policy

In the event that you cancel your child’s stay, you will forfeit you deposit.

2019 discounts

Early Bird Registration

• $25 on sessions reserved before 2019 January 1st • $15 on sessions reserved between 2019 January 1st and March 1st

Sibling discount

• $40 on sessions for your child's 1st sibling. • $75 on sessions for all other children.

More than one week package

First week: $719* Subsequent weeks: $649* per week * Taxes extra

To get an idea of costs...                                   

Session    $719 Sessions  1438$
Early bird discount    - $25 Early bird discount  -50$
Sibling discount    ----- Sibling discount   -40$
Sub total    $694 Sub total  1348$
Total* including taxes      $798 Total* including taxes  1549$
Session ($719 + $649)    $1368 Sessions 2X($719 + $649)   $2736
Early bird discount     -$50 Early bird discount    -$50
Sibling discount    ------ Sibling discount      -$40
Sub total    $1318 Sub total   2646$
Total* including taxes      $1515 Total* including taxes    3042$
* Totals have been rounded. Register your child now !

 Assistant / Apprentice - Monitor Program

Does your teenager want an enriching work experience ? Every year, select few teenagers are trained by our team composed by monitors and qualified coordinators. A great opportunity to become a futur monitor !
According to the age of your teenager, he/she will be admissible to the assistant or apprentice program :the  requirments are they must be 15 years old as of June 23th 2019 for the assistant program and 16 years old as of the June 23th 2019 for the apprentice program. For further information, please visit our website We're hiring.   Register your child now !

Registration 2019 summer camp

The registration period will begin December 1st.

List of items to bring

PRINT THE LIST OF THINGS TO BRING (summer camp 2019) This is a very precious checklist to keep at hand when packing your child’s luggage. Don't forget! You must identify all your child’s belongings! (Toothpaste, rain boots, socks, etc…)

Arrivals and departures

Every Sunday between 2 and 4 PM. Please, do not arrive before 2 pm!!

What’s for lunch?

All meals are cooked on location at La Ferme d'André. Our menu is nutritious and well-balanced. A good part of the products used to prepare the meals come directly from our farm. Meat, poultry, eggs, fine herbs and vegetables are featured in our meals. The children are welcome to help out in the kitchen. They can either pick vegetables in the garden or get involved with meal preparation. Now that's a hands-on approach to learning that green peas do not grow in cans but rather in nature! The campers are also welcome to set the tables, and if they wish, they can help with the dishes while singing the camp’s own songs or listening to the latest hits. Of course, everything is done in a collaborative and helpful way.

Here are a few examples of meals and snacks that we offer:


Oatmeal, various types of cereal,  2% milk, orange juice, honey, jam, peanut butter (or cream cheese in case of allergies), toast (whole wheat bread or sesame bagels), bananas, eggs (occasionally)


Cream of vegetables, stuffed bread (tuna-celery/chicken-celery), milk, water, fruit, yogurt One-pot meal Minestrone soup (vegetables, beans, meat tortellini), bread gratin with cheese, milk, water, chômeur pudding


Fresh fruits in abundance


Chili con carne, nachos, raw cut veggies, milk, water, butterscotch pudding Chicken & vegetable fajitas served with salsa, sour cream and shredded cheese, raw cut veggies, milk, water, ice cream

Evening snack

Cookies, 2% milk
Note : Food allergies, intolerances and dietary restrictions are taken into consideration.


Q What time should we drop off and pick up our children? A Arrivals and departures are scheduled on Sunday afternoons, between 2 and 4 PM Q What do the children eat? A Our menu is designed to appeal to children and includes food they like such as lasagna, grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, hamburgers cooked on a BBQ and one-pot meal soups. Fresh cut veggies with dips or salad are served with every meal. Desserts are not too sweet. Fresh fruits are served for the afternoon snack and cookies and milk for the evening. On occasion, we offer “discovery meals” such as fajitas, Chinese rice and noodle soups. We never serve fast food or deep-fried food, but we do offer sweets and popcorn during the Saturday night dance party! chevresQ How do you handle food allergies? A The safety of the children in our care is extremely important to us. We developed a method in the kitchen in order to meet the needs of everyone in regards to allergies, intolerances and dietary restrictions. We are considerate of religious restrictions and vegetarian diets. In the case of an allergic reaction, we will use the EpiPen® prescribed for your child and take him or her directly to the Ormstown Hospital located just 7 minutes away from The Farm. Q Who supervises the children at the swimming pool? A A certified lifeguard is on duty at all times. Q What is the ratio of camp counsellors to children? A There is one counsellor for every six children. However, children are not divided into homogenous groups but rather are free to experience the camp in multi-age groups as the children choose their preferred activities. Counsellors are stationed at strategic areas throughout The Farm to ensure a continuous supervision of the children. Q Should the children bring lots of clothing? A No. Laundry is done every day. Q What happens should my child wet the bed? A We check each bed on a daily basis. If you wish, you can include in your child’s luggage bedwetting underwear such as GoodNites®. Rest assured that we will handle the matter discretely.poulain-feu-de-camp Q Where do the children sleep? A In dormitories located in the stone house with all-night supervision. Q Do the boys and girls sleep in separate dormitories? A Yes. Q Can you guarantee that my child will share the same room as his or her friend? A Yes, we always manage to put friends together. Q What do the children do in the evening before bedtime? A They follow a comforting evening routine: they sit around the campfire, they eat their snack (cookies and milk), they sing songs, and finally they brush their teeth, put on their pyjamas and head to bed. Q What do you do in case a child gets bored? A This situation rarely occurs, but in such a case, we comfort the child. A camp counsellor gently gets the camper involved in an activity either by playing along with the child or by matching him or her with friends. Should the situation last, we will call you to help reassure the child. Q Can we call our child to see how he or she is doing? A No. This would result in an endless stream of calls given the number of campers. You can write a letter though. Children may go and collect your letter from the mailbox with a counsellor while walking their favourite animal. Q What is the maximum number of children allowed to stay during a session? A 65.