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The history of The Farm

La ferme André Giguère, founder of the camp, has always been involved in the field of education. He started his teaching career in 1963 in the Montreal area, then continued on in Ormstown, and later at the University of Montreal’s Faculty of Education until 2000. In 1969, when he was teaching in an elementary school, he invited his students to come spend part of their summer vacations on his farm. He noticed how the children were growing and achieving their potential in the exciting setting he put at their disposal, so he decided to jump on the occasion and founded his own summer camp, La Ferme d'André. André GiguèreBeing a great teacher, André Giguère has helped hundreds of youngsters grow and gain emotional and social maturity by showing them trust and offering them freedom within a safe structure. That is what La Ferme d'André is all about: A place where freedom and independence go hand in hand with safety and structure. To get a better understanding of La Ferme d’André and its founder’s philosophy, you are invited to listen to the following radio interview. Interview with André (17:04)